Tim Wilson Aviation Art

Aviation themed art

Baseline original commission question bank
1. What medium? (for example graphite, mixed media pencil/gouache,  oil, furniture or sculpture) 

2. On what type of material? (140lb Arches acid free paper, 140lb epson acid free paper marine chart, canvas, masonite hardboard, nose art on your aircraft, etc.)

3. What size of artwork? If your desire matting and framing, see resource center to account for added overall size of those.

4. Do you have a specific event, flight, sortie that you wish to depict?  If yes, let’s start the story of the event in detail here.  For example, but not limited to: what aircraft, what BUNO, what base launched from, what time of day, what atmospheric conditions, where was the sun, what additional players in the event, what significant item occurred, what aircraft load out, where where all the munitions, what specific munitions, what adversary, .....and a bunch more.

5. Is the artwork to be presented at a special event (like a change of command gift) - if yes, what is the desired delivery date of commission?

6. Can I get digital images of your TMS aircraft - if aircraft is local, can I go to your squadron and take digital images?

7. If you have a specific image aspect for the aircraft, what is it?

8. What squadron markings will go on aircraft?  Are these specific marking proper for the time period that is being depicted in the artwork?

9.  Additional questions and details forthcoming.